Still working on more videos for the link on the front page. I will be touching on many subjects that need to be addressed. Senator Bernie Sanders has some great idea's on how we can move forward to make a better country and end partisan politics. So check back for more news. 


It is tough being an independent. Finding support and to be taking seriously is a problem. We have no primary's and hardly ever reported on in the news. How do we get the word out when the media will not report on us. I have got no donations and i'm not rich so i can't do commercials or newspaper adds. One small short commercial say, during NCIS, CBS show, is around 15,000 bucks. WOW. Got there price list. I just have to rely on word of mouth and that we have more Independent voters in this district the the other party's have. The early ballots that just we sent have a space for write in's but no names on any pages just a message if you want to know who the official Write-In's are visit this site. I will be posting more soon.

Below is my stand on the pressing issues that need addressed in our country

My Blog on the pressing issues